Top Traits to Look for in Freelance Talent

August 17, 2019

Business owners and soon-to-be entrepreneurs, it’s so important to have a core, in-house team of employees while strategically outsourcing other duties to great freelance talent. It’s simply not cost-effective to staff your company with every single role. For example, while a marketing company should have a full-time graphic designer on board, it makes more sense for a construction company to seek freelance services whenever design needs arise. Even Fortune 500 companies make use of the talented pool of freelancers in the market, working with graphic designers, marketers, copywriters, art directors and more.

Though no two freelance pros are the same, always be on the lookout for these promising traits…

Readily Shares Work Samples and Reviews  

Experienced professionals readily share their portfolios, work samples, and testimonials/reviews. If they don’t have reviews or testimonials, they should be willing to put in the work to provide professional references. It’s a common practice among freelancers across industries. Any hesitation to provide samples or other support pointing to the success of their past projects should raise a red flag.

Excellent Communication

Freelance employees work remotely as mandated by state laws and in keeping with definitions of contracted work by the IRS. As such, excellent communication is an even more important requirement for your freelance talent than it is for staffed employees. 

  • How responsive are they with emails?
  • Do they understand project directives?
  • Are they willing to have touch base calls whenever necessary?

Of course, it’s important not to expect that they’ll always be there for you and your business at the drop of a dime. No matter how long you work with a freelancer, he or she isn’t a salaried employee. They’re busy professionals running businesses of their own, often juggling many deadlines. Assign projects and schedule meetings with sufficient time for busy freelancers to meet your needs. 


No one will ever be as enthusiastic or excited about your business as you are, but the best freelance talent will show a keen interest and excitement about the work. You’ll just never see as good results from someone working only to make another buck as you will from someone who genuinely enjoys and takes pride in what they do. 


  • How do they respond to obstacles and negative feedback?
  • Is their work refined down to the smallest details?
  • How do they conduct themselves on business calls and what is their language in work-related emails?

Hire someone who walks the walk if you’re looking for professional results. 


Life happens and deadlines can get missed- with the caveat that this should be few and very far between. Work with freelance talent who respect deadlines and your business’ needs. When you’re outsourcing valuable aspects of your business, you shouldn’t need to worry about whether the work will be finished on time or executed with quality.

Now that you know what to look for, it’s time to get out there and get the top-level assistance you need!